This year started with what felt like the longest January in history, followed by a worldwide pandemic, which put us on an emotional rollercoaster for the remainder of the year. To say 2020 was an unpredictable year would be an understatement, and I am sure everyone experienced a shift in their life. Some experience loss while others experienced gain. Plans were cancelled and pushed into the unforeseen future.

Many people developed new skills, while others found their passions. And we all found a new way to work and make adjustments we didn’t think were possible.

As I researched for this blog, I came across a great document from the Mayo Clinic, which will help us embark on the inevitable stresses of a new year, especially one that includes the ever-looming pandemic.

The 4 A’s of Stress Management

  1. Avoid: take control of your surroundings, remove yourself from those who bother you, and learn to say no.
  2. Alter: respectfully ask others to change their behavior, communicate your feelings openly, and practice time management.
  3. Accept: talk to someone (therapist), Forgive, Practice positive-self talk
  4. Adapt: manage your thought patterns, look at the big picture, change your perspective 

 Moving from Dec 31 to Jan 1 will not magically make the pandemic disappear, but it does allow us to plan differently for 2021. We all experience stress and manage it differently, and maybe the lessons learned this year would help each of us conquer the next with a little less fear and a lot more confidence. 

Don’t be afraid to plan for 2021. In fact, I encourage you to set goals and set out to do your best. Expect detours and hurdles which may slow you down, but you will end up back on course. I learned something this year, and I am hoping you learned and recognized this too. 2020 was a year that didn’t reduce us but made us stronger. It made us all Resilient!

I want to Thank You all for your support this year personally. You read the blogs, bought the HOAM merch, and continued to follow me on social media. You are helping support a cause that is near and dear to me.

God Bless and Happy New Year!