What We Do

Heart Of A Man™ (HOAM®) is an organization that gives hope, courage, and resilience for men who deal with mental health issues. We provide men with a space to discuss tough issues and support one another. Struggle show us that vulnerability is a sign of strength and courage. We use this experience to take our testimony to help end the shame and stigma for men struggling with their mental health.

You’re Not Alone

One out of five people suffer from a mental health issue. Every 40, seconds someone dies of suicide. Men are 3-4 times more likely to take their own life. HOAM exists to create awareness around how many people struggle with a mental health issue but never get help. We help and connect with people struggling to let them know they’re not alone.

Our Causes

Our merch is designed to start conversations and motive people from within. This process helps to share our mission with the world. $2 of all apparel sales goes to mental health non-profit organizations. Empower men and spread awareness!

What Others Are Saying

Sarah Pollice, Student Success Teacher, St. Joan of Arc Catholic SS

We feel so grateful that Donovan took the time and care to participate in our school’s Black Futures Panel Discussion in celebration of Black History Month. Through sharing his personal experiences, and positive messages of hope, resilience and perseverance, he left a lasting impact on both students and staff. Donovan’s authenticity resonated with everyone and the school was buzzing with healthy discussion around mental wellness and the concept of turning vulnerability into a strength. We cannot wait to invite Donovan back in the future to inspire more young people!


What a great night! I attended Heart of a Man's event on Feb. 20th. As someone who has suffered from a suicidal depression for many years, and very gratefully got through it, I believe that groups like this are extremely important. Donovan, our host, has put together a safe place for men to get together and openly share our thoughts, fears, doubts and challenges with other open minded people. This is a great movement and I encourage any man with internal struggles to reach out to Heart of a Man. I'm so happy I made the one hour drive to attend and I look forward to being at future events.

The Marilyn Denis Show

Donovan Mckenzie was a guest Expert on The Marilyn Denis Show on Bell Let’s Talk Day 2020. I was the Producer who worked with him on behalf of The Marilyn Denis Show and our whole team was thrilled to have him in the episode. Our time working together was really wonderful, he was a very clear communicator and inspired our whole team. Marilyn particularly enjoyed having him on the show! Personally, I am very moved by the work that Donovan is doing & believe that Heart Of A Man is a very important group that can, and will, save lives in Canada. And as we discussed on our program, he inspires people not only to survive, but to thrive! I would recommend Donovan to be a guest speaker on TV and/or in person. His energy is very charismatic yet calm at the same time, and he has an excellent ability to reach a wide spectrum of people. I wish him nothing but the best with his endeavours!


Heart of A Man gave me the opportunity to have a discussion with other men who are going through either the same or something similar to what I've been dealing with.


I never knew mental health was such an important thing in a mans life until my friend took his own life. No man should ever feel ashamed that they are feeling depressed or lost. I'm honored to wear a shirt that encourages everyone to express their feelings and seek help.


Love the cause and what you stand for. Thank you.

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The Marilyn Denis Show

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