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Through the provision of support groups, apparel, workshops to provide support and awareness. Heart Of A Man will revolutionize manhood.

Stories of Men

The name Heart Of A Man was inspired by the difficult emotions and feelings that reside in a man’s heart that are aching to be let out and addressed. Men in the 21st century are berated when they express emotion as it is perceived as weakness. The name serves as a strong reminder to let out what is in your heart, and that doing so does not make you any less of a man as you are led to believe.

Donovan McKenzie's Story


"Is it hard to be a man? 100%. It would be helpful to have someone to talk too, another man who could relate to what I've been through."


"I just moved into the area from Scarborough. The best part about it is the court, it makes me feel like I have a place to go. The raptors actually built this for the community."


Q: "What inspires you?"
A: "I'm inspired by music, it's what brings people together. Exercise and sports works out my body, but music is what strengthens my heart. I'm also inspired by travel - I'll be in Iceland this month."


"What makes your heart happy?" "He (my son) makes me happy. I was kind of going downhill and my son brought me inspiration. He brought me happiness." 

There are so many ways we can be inspired as men.

In his grace, God can create a new heart within us .

Romans 10:10


"It's hard to be a man and have the pressure to be financially successful and to be a provider. You not only have to be strong physically, you have to make sure that others see you in a 'strong' way. The next generation of men is beginning to change things, but our generation has it tough."


"I have so many dreams! I'm just working as hard as I can right now, trying to pass along an important message about black history so that I can earn the money I need. My goal is to go back to Haiti and build a church for the believers there, to give them a choice. To bring them to God. I know that if I keep working hard, my dreams are possible."


"My mother died of cancer and my father said that I should travel the world. It ended up being the most liberating decision, although it resulted in drug abuse and a struggle, it was still an amazing opportunity. I had no support from anyone and I ended up being in a successful band, ultimately winning a grammy award. I now run my own business doing what I love."

For a righteous man falls seven times, and rises again.


"I felt that I became a man when I faced hemorrhagic fever. I was 25 years old and all alone in a remote village in China. I almost died of hemorrhagic fever. When I found myself alone and with no friends or family, I confronted what I thought was my own death and came out on the other side, a man."


Q: What inspires you?
A: "I'm inspired by people. I wake up whistling and singing because I'm so happy to go to work."
Q: What do you struggle with?
A: "Sleep. I can't wait to get up and go to work and do what I love."


"My father died when I was a teenager. Shortly after, I became a dad myself before I was 18 years old. This made me have to grow up quickly and take on a lot of responsibility in a short amount of time. Now that I'm 26, I'm trying to recapture my missing childhood and enjoy life as much as I can."


"Don't let the smile fool you. Men often hide their pain behind a smile. "I want a family, but the relationship didn't work out. It's a struggle trying to convince the courts that a man can be there for his kid as much as a woman can. If there are men out there who are also fighting for their children, don't give up."

As men, we often get caught up...

living our lives for who society wants us to be and not checking our heart. Waking up each day, getting dressed up in a suit we don't like for a job we hate. Join our movement, strengthen your heart and know its too late.


"Being a man doesn't mean cockiness. It sometimes means being humble. Life is not about the latest stuff. It's about manning up and taking responsibility for yourself."


"I've struggled with bullying. I was bullied and judged for 'looking like a thug', even though I wasn't one. The feeling of someone looking at you and thinking that they know you, know what you are about and make a judgement; is a feeling that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy."
Judging a person does not define who they are... it defines who you are. 


"Your very character is made up of your own personal experiences and circumstances.  Experiencing independence for the first time can change your life; going out on my own without a safety net or the comforts of home, showed me what I was made of. I am 20 years old now, but I realized that I had become a man when I went to the U.S.A. to play hockey."

Some men have "been a man" for as long as they can remember.

Forced either by circumstance, culture or tradition to step-up and work hard from a young age, defining "Manhood" by their work ethic.

Hank, Colton, Jamie & Bosco the dog

Suffering a tragic loss is often enough to take some of us as men into a dark place and sometimes it's the very thing that strengthens us. This picture shows 3 best friends and their dog, who had their closest friend pass away shortly before this picture was taken.
"Coming out through to the other side of such a tragic loss was what really bonded us together and showed us what being men was all about."


"I did a very large dose of a psilocybin based tincture called blue juice and it was one of the most challenging experiences of my life, but also very rewarding. I was able to view myself from perspectives other than my own, and I 'experienced' my relationship with my father from his perspective. I realized that I had got caught up chasing things that were ultimately meaningless. I needed to identify what really mattered to me, who I wanted to be and let everything else melt away."

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