Donovan's Story

HOAM Founder & Advocate

Public speaker 

“Open Letter to Manhood”

I founded Heart of a Man so that I could share my story with people like you, to help them
overcome, elevate, and inspire. If there’s a community you’d like me to speak to, you can book
me for your event or gathering. To learn more, keep reading.
To me life is music. It can break your heart, or mend your soul. It can be so deafening you can’t
think, or it can soothe you to sleep. It can take you to nirvana, but it can make you sick just as
easily. Life is beautiful, but it’s also not easy.
If you’ve read this far, I’m sure you’ve experienced some adversity in your life. If that beast is
scratching at your door, I hope you know you’re not alone. There is nothing worse than believing
you have to overcome a trauma unaided - I know, because I’ve been there. I am a survivor.

Overcoming the Struggle

Like many men, the world raised me to believe I should never express fear or pain.
It was considered unmasculine to show any form of vulnerability. When I was growing up, “real men” were expected to always act tough, strong, fearless, and confident. To always be in control, in command, and incapable of expressing their true inner selves.
That toxic masculinity held me back for too long, and continues to hold back millions of men
today. That’s why I founded Heart of a Man - to reach out to others trapped behind walls built by
society’s expectations, and help them find their freedom.
As a teen, I buried my negative emotions behind the image of a confident jock who slayed on
the basketball court and always got the girls. My life was a hollow projection of what I felt the
world expected of me, and I suffered more and more because of it. I learned the hard way you
can’t spend your whole life pretending. It’s exhausting, it’s unsustainable, and it’s unnatural.
My facade fell apart when I was 21, when I couldn’t hide my anguish any more.
The show could not go on, so I hid from the bright lights and spiralled into a deep depression.
Thankfully, I was able to find the professional help I needed. I overcame my conditioning,
allowed myself to show vulnerability, and admitted I was in pain. I learned a lot from that time.


Despite life’s harsh beats and unpredictable rhythm, I found a path where the tempo felt right.
Many realization helped me along the way, such as understanding I could be vulnerable and
that God had a purpose for me. I re-examined my relationship with life and found my true
passion, my true calling. The pain that almost destroyed me helped to shape me, to become the man I needed to be to reach out and help others. That’s how I found my purpose.

The toxic form of masculinity that forces men to suffer in silence is created by an outdated way
of thinking. The fact is, all of us face our own adversity. We handle it in our own unique ways,
and we need to respect that about ourselves and each other. There is no magic cure for
depression, but we do know that suffering alone can only make things worse.
It’s time for men to allow themselves to be vulnerable. It’s time for ALL people to realize that showing vulnerability and pain is not a weakness, but a necessary part of a happy life.

Inspiring Others and Sharing the Message

The sum of my trials in life have shaped my goals and passions, and that’s why I created Heart Of A Man (HOAM). My dream is to live in a world where men no longer feel the need to hide

their true emotions or their true selves. A world where EVERYONE feels comfortable in their skin.

I want to reach as many people as possible to share the simple truth that they don’t need to

suffer alone. Feel free to book me for a speaking event, or reach out to me by email or on social

media if you just need to talk.

Heart Of A Man is here to Overcome, Elevate, and Inspire men dealing with depression. I see

HOAM becoming a community that will help men overcome the stigma created by depression,

and elevate and inspire each other to new heights and fulfilled lives.

Join the movement. Spread the message. And above all, take care.

Your friend,