A seat at OUR table ~ Virtual Summit.

Black mental health

A seat at OUR table ~ Virtual Summit.


2020 is the year of clear vision and collaboration. No more begging to be at tables that do not serve our community.

No more feeling that another table is the “holy grail” to be heard. No more fighting for the scraps that fall when the banquet is at the top. No more placing their ‘perfection” as our measuring stick when our perfection built their empires. No more waiting to be invited to have a seat at their table.

We are having a seat at OUR table. OUR table that is OUR community is building with the tool of collaboration, our greatest asset and THEY know that hence why they have had us not or afraid of collaborating. We have all the talent that we need in the house already.

Come, let’s have a seat at OUR table. OUR table is shaped by what already exists in us; PURPOSE. PASSION. EDUCATION. COMMUNITY. COLLABORATION. MOTIVATION.

Summit Host: Ellisha Ricketts Mindset Influencer & Founder of FourOneSixLove Inc.

Saturday, August 22, 2020, 9am EST to 9pm EST


Aug 22 2020


9:00 am - 9:00 pm



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