Human beings are essentially social beings, and we form a number of relationships with our loved ones through the course of our life. The bond we share with our loved ones is extremely special, and plays a huge role in defining and shaping us as functioning adults.

However, the sudden tragic loss of a loved one can leave us feeling saddened and depressed. Since sadness is such a natural outcome of a loss as huge as this, we might not always associate it with PTSD.

PTSD is defined as – “A trauma experienced by someone who has experiences, witnessed or been confronted with something terrible”. News of someone very close to us passing away suddenly, can cause a series of heightened emotions, and can manifold and magnify the negative emotions we are feeling, since it catches us completely off guard.

Men, especially when faced with sudden tragic loss are at a very high risk of developing PTSD. This is because, traditionally society has dictated, that men do not show or talk about their emotions. Even when faced with a tragic loss, men should not show any weaknesses.

However, keeping their feelings covered up within themselves will only cause the manifestation of the trauma to increase. Even after it is identified, that he is suffering from PTSD, it can be quite difficult for a man to reach out for help. Many of you might believe that reaching out for help is a sign of weakness and can leave you in a vulnerable state, and we all hate being vulnerable.

Here are the most common symptoms of PTSD:

1. Extreme reactions such as nausea or hyperventilation when reminded of the event.
2. Not being able to remember important aspects of the traumatic incident
3. Feelings of alienation, numbness and detachment
4. Bleak outlook of the future

Reaching out for help is an epitome of strength, because he is brave and strong enough to admit, that there is something wrong and he needs help to recover. It is the first and foremost important step to recovery, and you should never be afraid to take it.

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