From a very young age, phrases like “big boys don’t cry” and “be a man” are thrown around a tender young boy. Even as he grows up and faces the brunt of the world and sheds tears for the same, society deems him vulnerable, weak and does not pay heed to his emotions. It has been firmly etched in our minds that a masculine man does not cry because Society measures manhood on a man’s ability to pick fights and lift weights.

A man has to stop his inner turmoil through a rigid face, he is not allowed to express his emotion or look for comfort. His pain cannot be shed or showed but a man who cries is a rebel. He is not shackled by society’s norms and its judgments but he is brave to open his heart and cry like a kid when he gets emotional. When a man bawls his eyes out, know that he who cries has no fear because boys don’t cry but real men do.

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